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Post  xXZetsumeiXx on Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:37 pm

In order to apply in this guild,you have to answer the following questions:

1.Where are you from?
Hi, i am from Norway.

2.What's your name in game?

3.What's your character/level/honor rank?
My character is an FB lvl 160 with honor rank 8. NOTE: now that i am over 160 i will go tg when i can for honor.

4.How old are you?
i am 19.

5.Post your crafting stats.
Nothing much to post here im afraid Smile

6.For how long have you been playing cabal?
ive been playing since 2008, but i have had some long term brakes, so i will say about 2 years.

7.Have you ever been scammed or hacked? If yes, include some details.

8.Post your equipments (everything you are wearing), include runes and pet as well.
Osm helm 36%cd+11
SIG suit 7%amp 50 hp +10
Terra boots 7%amp with 2 slots max hp steal
Terra gloves 7%amp with 2 slots hp steal.
Mith blade+9 20%cd and 3%amp
Topaz Cryst +8 4+% cd
BoF+3 with amp
Belt of vital+4
exp rune full, pet exp rune full, party exp rune full, max cr rune lvl 2, hp rune lvl 12 and dex rune lvl 1
lvl 4 pet with resist down, min dmg, def, attack
9.What were your other guilds before applying Distinguished? Include reasons of leaving those. Be honest, I might check.
PornAddict and Aesir. I left PornAddict because of lack of high lvl wanting to do dungeons. in Aesir i didnt make it through trial, they never said why i didnt make it though.

10.Will you take part in conversations, discussions etc on guild chat, forums or anywhere, if it concerns you, or if you could be of help?
Yes, of course.

11.Tell us something about your knowledge of dungeons, list the dungeons you know quests of (lv125+) and the dungeons you haven't been to (lv125+).
actually i dont think i know quests of any dungeons fully over lvl 125, but i learn really quick. I do know half of ic2, if it counts as a good thing Wink

12.Why do you want to join Distinguished? (What do you expect from us?)
I wann join Disinguished because i have heard you guys are friendly, active and have many high lvl characters who can take me dungeon spamming, so i can learn.

13.Do you have any friends or enemies in Distinguished?
I dont think so.


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