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How to Apply!! Empty How to Apply!!

Post  NarutoRO on Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:49 am

Requirements: lv155+, Capella, decent knowledge of English language
NOTE: Recruitment closed for Bladers (only friends)
NOTE: Applicants, who don't meet requirements, are automatically denied.

In order to apply in this guild,you have to answer the following questions:

1.Where are you from?

2.What's your name in game?

3.What's your character/level/honor rank?

4.How old are you?

5.Post your crafting stats.

6.For how long have you been playing cabal?

7.Have you ever been scammed or hacked? If yes, include some details.

8.Post your equipments (everything you are wearing), include runes and pet as well.

9.What were your other guilds before applying Distinguished? Include reasons of leaving those. Be honest, I might check.

10.Will you take part in conversations, discussions etc on guild chat, forums or anywhere, if it concerns you, or if you could be of help?

11.Tell us something about your knowledge of dungeons, list the dungeons you know quests of (lv125+) and the dungeons you haven't been to (lv125+).

12.Why do you want to join Distinguished? (What do you expect from us?)

13.Do you have any friends or enemies in Distinguished?

Guildmembers will rate the application, 2/3 of votes must be + in order to have your application accepted.
Regards, NarutoRO, TheExtinguisher

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